About The Artist

       Imagine slipping through the still water in a canoe on an autumn day with a cool breeze brushing your face, surrounded by an incredible array of autumn colors.  The brilliant reds, oranges and yellows from the changing leaves, resemble an artist’s palette.
       Muskoka is Ontario Canada’s playground and is located two hours north of Toronto. A land where magnificent 100-foot Muskoka white pines tower over crystal clear lakes and granite rock outcrops.  This is my home and inspiration. 
Meet The Artist
       I was trained initially as a draftsman where I had my first experience using watercolour.  My architectural background  is definitely apparent in my work. After the initial dabbling in paint I decided to attend art classes at Central Technical Institute in Toronto where I was taught by a great teacher who encouraged me to use proper painting techniques. 
       My art career started in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the early 1980’s painting street scenes and old houses and exhibiting my work at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Toronto City Hall. I am fortunate to have three of my earlier paintings on display as part of the City of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market Gallery Archive Art Collection.
       In the mid 1980’s I made the decision to move to Muskoka from Toronto as a full time artist and become a member of Muskoka’s art community. I began combining my unique styles, the use of strong colour and high detail with my architectural drafting background. The result is highly-detailed and vibrant landscape paintings, portraits of cottages and antique boats.
       Over the past 20 years I have become well known for my historical Muskoka paintings, landscapes and Muskoka scenes. With numerous awards and over 30 prints to my credit, I have become one of Muskoka’s premier artists.